On Dec 24, 2005, at 3:00 PM, gerbal88 wrote:

As you might recall, immediately after 9/11, Mahesh took out ads in 3 

major newspapers basically threatening more of the same unless the US 

government gave him a billion $ to save us all. I have the PDF in 

case anyone really needs proof that he's lost his marbles.

I'd love to see the PDF, thanks!

I honestly did not know he was that whacked, but I guess it's so. <shrugs>

Quietly HH the Dalai Lama sent a cheque for $30,000 if I remember 

correctly. No fanfare, no attention sought and I don't think it got 

public until nearly a year later. For the Tibetan Government in 

Exile, $30,000 is a considerable sum.

Someone, as I mentioned in another post, wrote that the basics of TM 

was about release of stress. By that logic, the tsunami last Boxing 

Day was stress release ... but on that basis I dare the TMO to tell 

us something good is happening! "Oh, dear planet, you're just 

unstressing, something good is happening." Obviously, anticipating 

some numskull, it was better to release it then rather than wait 

until it was twice as bad. But that's stupid. 

If Mahesh is all he makes himself out to be (courtesy of the TBTMO), 

then he knew it was coming and, had he been compassionate, generous, 

intelligent, considerate, he would have said so and told people to be 

up in the mountains that day. 


Mahesh is an opportunistic narcissist. People follow him because they 

truly believe they are on the right path, because they truly believe. 

Even drug addicts who rest on the TBTMO laurals that they have 

experience to prove it's good know better.

So, I think we can genuinely say that Mahesh has many 

accomplishments: nobody in the 20th Century singlehandedly ripped off 

more people, got more people to believe empty promises or built an 

empire on his own failure. Way to go Mahesh. I hope the special place 

you get in hell will be exactly what you deserve.

Ouch! Perhaps a foundation to provide south facing doorways in his honor? <sigh>

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