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> --- authfriend wrote:
> > 
> > The more abstract the understanding of the nature of
> > devas, the less "religious" they seem.  Sort of like
> > "Christ" the divine/human center of the Christian
> > religion, versus the universal "Christ" as a mode of
> > consciousness.
> I've been trying to remember if I've ever heard anyone 
> say or write, "My mantra came to visit me in a tangible 
> form, and I saw it to be a god." Nothing comes to mind. 
> That leaves the abstract understanding, which indeed 
> has no religious feelings for me.

I had a similar experience.

I "saw" my mantra as a man sitting in the lotus position and his 
hands were doing mudras which changed with every different syllable 
of my mantra.

What struck me with the experience -- and I only had it once, mind 
you, in 32 years of TM -- was how "mechanical" it was: it was as if 
this personification was my "servant" and had no choice but to do my 
bidding; that is, his positioning (of the mudras he was doing) were 
totally and entirely dependent upon MY uttering of the mantra.  
Cause and effect.  Command you me.

It reminded me somewhat of another experience I had about 20 years 
earlier.  Perhaps this experience was of a chakra...I don't know.  
Anyway, the experience was during meditation and of "seeing" petals 
of a flower(located somewhere in my middle chest) being opened up, 
one after the other.  And when one petal was unfurled, the stem 
would rotate to the next petal and then that one would unfurl.

Again, what struck me with the experience and what made it similar 
to the first one was how "mechanical" it all seemed.

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