> http://tinyurl.com/7j6nc
and check out his website at http://www.samharris.org

Here's an except from the above tinyurl in which Harris compares
Western religion and Eastern Mysticism (particularly Buddhism).:

 With respect to spiritual practice, however, the disparity clearly
runs the other way. While Eastern mysticism has its fair share of
unjustified belief, it undoubtedly represents humankind's best attempt
at fashioning a spiritual science. The methods of introspection one
finds in Buddhism, for instance, have no genuine equivalents in the
West. And the suggestion that they do is born of a desperate attempt
on the part of Westerners to make all religious traditions seem
equally wise. They simply aren't. When a Tibetan lama talks about
"nondual awareness" (Tib. rigpa) and the Pope talks about God or the
Holy Spirit (or anything else), they are not talking about the same
thing; nor are they operating on the same intellectual footing. The
lama is using some very precise terminology (albeit terminology that
has no good English equivalent) to describe what countless meditators
have experienced after very refined training in methods of
introspection; while the Pope is merely reiterating unjustified and
unjustifiable metaphysical claims that have been passed down to
Christians in the context of a culture that has failed--utterly--to
find compelling alternatives to mere belief. Such alternatives have
existed for millennia, east of the Bosporus. This is not to ignore the
Meister Eckharts of the world, but such mystics have always been the
exception in the West. And it is important to remember that, being
exceptions, they have been regularly persecuted for heresy.

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