--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Could you tell us more about the Purusha center in the Himalayas.
> It may turn out that one of the best things M. did for humanity was  
> his secondary things: he brought together the best Ayurvedic  
> physicians and had them work together, he helped begin popularizing  
> the idea of Holistic architecture from a vastu-tantra perspective,  
> etc. He also popularized an old idea: meditating in larges groups for  
> a postive effect. Not his version of it is necessarily the one to  
> follow, but his marketing brought it to a wider public audience. In  
> the example of Ayurveda, he may have helped rescue it from oblivion.  
> More and more graduates of Ayurvedic medical schools are switching to  
> Allopathy upon graduation: it's more money for them. Now that  
> Ayurveda is becoming more popular, that trend may change.
> In regards to governments, the effect may be the opposite--it tuned  
> governments in to what cults can be like--the sad after effect is  
> some governments might be reluctant to interact (or at least be MORE  
> suspicious) of spiritual methods in general.

MMY/TMO definitely know how to market.  Maybe they've helped renew
interest in vedic approaches to life, esp in India.  Whether this is a
good thing or not depends I think on the approach.  Personally I've
gotten turned off to most things "vedic", based on my experience with
m-ayurved, m-jyotish and the like which have seemed superficial,
non-objective and expensive approaches to dealing with life's issues.
 Also, if India going vedic means turning anti-science and
pro-theocracy, then I'd say it's a bad thing.

I'm sure many people have benefitted from ayurved for dealing with
imbalances and improving their daily routine.  OTOH, recently another
MD died from cancer w/o seeking medical treatment.  I have no idea
what the number is, but many hard core mov't types have died or at
least experience lots of suffering due to the attitude that "maharishi
ayurved is all you need" to treat health problems.

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