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> Looking at the $2500 fee, and the costs involved, it appears
> "resonable" for a full time teacher, teaching about 30 students a
> month or so.
> If you want it taught only by volunteers in their (non sv) homes, 
> then thats another business / marketing model. Not superior or inferior,
> but a diferent model, aimed at a different segment of students. This
> may be a good model of AoL and Amma. But it is NOT going to reach or
> be appealing for a large part of society.

And in AoL, and I believe its similar with Amma, you often go to
lectures or advanced meeting / follow-ups where the majority of
seating is on the floor, in someone's well-lived-in home, lead by a
volunteer -- sometimes with sketchy experience or background. And one
is expected or encouraged to sing hindu hyms, is addressed as a
"devotee of .... ", a majority of the fellow students have
non-professional backgrounds and education, sprinkled with a few quite
odd characters. Group practices can  involve hugging everyone in the
room, starring into others eyes for a prolonged period, and addressing
others with some group sanctioned phrase such as "I belong to you". 

While all of this is great stuff for many, for many more, particularly
career-focussed professionals, much of this type of setting is
unappealing and simple not something they would participate in - or
stay more than 10 minutes for -- if drawn to an initial meeting.

The programs are simply NOT comparable, though the techniques may be
the same or similar.

So there are different approaches for different types of individuals.
Some clothes at Wal mart and Nordstroms often are not that much
diferent. But some feel much more comfortable in Nordstroms buying
underwear, even if they are paying 2-3 times the price as Wal Mart.
This is because they like the Norstrom environment, the professional,
polished staff, and all the complimentary products not available at
Nordstrom -- that is it provides one-stop shopping, with one "guide" /
sales consultant,  and has unparalled follow-up. 

The same could be the approach of "neo"-TM. Taught in nice SV centers,
by polished and professional, well qualified teachers steeped in
experience (living in SV homes, doing program 6 hours a day, + 3
months of deep program 2-3 months per year), with profesional teaching
and presentation matierials (full color brochures and booklets, hi def
large video screens, extensive DVD and satellite and podcast teaching
materials) comfortable seats, AND fellow students of similar career,
educational and social positions.

This new-TM vision has not yet been realized. But it could be. In not
to far of a future. A bit of a chicken and egg problem, how to get
from here to there. But if the new-TMO can bootstrap itself to this
new level, $2500 fees, with professioanl teachers and teaching
faciliites, will be appropriate for a large portion of society.

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