On Jan 7, 2006, at 4:38 PM, a_non_moose_ff wrote:

My sense of the vasanas are the tight grip of residue and structure of

conditionings and experiences that make "I" appear to be the body or

mind or intellect. When that grip lossens, then that false sense of I

dissolves. But the structure of vasanas is still there -- just not a

tight or binding grip. More translucent. Social self is still there.

Just not hung up in "oneself" as before, no one or thing to get

insulted, or to get mad and angry (as in "losing it" -- though

certainly displeasure might still be shown). Thus an experience of

social self, same characteristics, but being loser, freer, playful,

very flexibible, etc. 

And some vasanas -- while more loose and translucent, may be "human

liver and fava bean" oriented. Its my experience that mind / intellect

continue to react, process, learn, and digest old habits and patterns,

just as when vasannas were tighter.  But now faster, with everything

flowing more loosely, flexibly playfully.

And I sense vasanas can and do get more radically transformed as jiva

mukti flows in to veheda mukti (spelling ?) As IT is seen to be all

there is.

Hey, it's easier to lose them during the dark night of the soul doncha know? Wait till he finds out it's actually not Vedic to do that...man will those vasanas be pissed! And of course the universal black-hole of the soul is exponentially worse. Just because you left your vasanas at the Otumwa mall, doesn't make it good. Just wait. I always make certain my vasana-kshaya is 100% Vedic. Sure they have to sacrifice a goat, but dude, they do it in India...

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