--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com,
> Judy writes:
> Sure.  But it would be more accurate to say (of the
> ant and Barry), "That isn't the kind of attack that
> can do you any damage."  What makes it an attack is
> the intention of the attacker, not the effect on the
> attackee.
> Tom T:
> The thought stopper for me in this was who and how is the intention of
> the attacker known. By inferrence it can not be an atack until the
> intention is known so it starts out as just a statement intended to
> cause a laugh. At some point it would appeat that the person recieving
> the statement intending to cause a laugh has to go inside and make a
> judgement that they know that the writer of said statement intended to
> hurt them specifically. It kind of sounds like mind reading in that
> the  uninttending attacker has to read the mind of the attackee to
> know AH this will really p*ss this one off and then goes ahead and
> posts it anyway. On the other hand the supposed attacked may have a
> world view that assumes all comments are attacks, or the supposed
> attacker has a personal vendetta that is a known fact. This seems
> pretty convoluted to me. Maybe we just need to laugh more and worry
> less. Tom T

I agree. There is a fair amount of assuming motives, moods, agendas,
and intentions on FFL. And Life. Its pretty funny at times. Unless you
really know a person well, in person, for years (and even then its
problematic), it is a cognitive error to attribute moods, intentions
and all. Its stuff in one's head that is shaping their vision.

OTOT, a working set of hypotheses of a persons moods and intentions
may help one be more sesnsitive. For example, thinking, "It sounds
like he MAY be mad at something. Just in case, I will be careful not 
  to use ambiguous language, or jokes that might be misinterprested."

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