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> I assume most view laughing with someone as a good  thing.
> I think satire is an attempt to get everyone laughing. The target 
> see themselves in the satire, but can take refuge and think "well at
> least I am not that bad" and laugh.
> With friends, we often make a joke at their expense --laughing at
> them, to get them to laugh with us. Its a friendly way to point out 
> perceived foilble without getting all serious. "Dude, you have got
> your head up your ass on this issue", says one friend to another. 
> mocking the first, so he can step back and maybe take some
> perspective. The insultee then may often respond witb a retort, 
> attempting to help the other gain some perspective, "At least I am 
> pussy-whipped like you." They both laugh, but GET each others point.
> Thats an at/with laugh.
> This ussually does  not work with strangers. Imagine the same convo
> between two guys on the street. Blood in the streets.
> I sense  some communication on FFL occurs when someone assumes too
> close a sense of friendship with other poster, throws out a laugh
> at/with perspective-inducing barb, and the receiver takes it as an
> insult, not as intended. 
> In groups, there can be pure laugh ats, when its deemed the 
> beyond help, but the barb is a cautionary tale to the group --"lets 
> not be such assholes". 
> And then there is the one-on-one put down. Not the most refined
> behavior. But for it to be an attack, to draw blood, the insultee 
> to play victim and accept it as an insult. A "sticks and stones" 
> of thing.

Requires a certain eveness of relationship between the comedian and 
the audience for this to work, I think...

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