Title: Maharishi's forecast for 2006
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Maharishi's forecast for 2006
Global Press Conference, 28.12.05

MAHARISHI: I see the destruction of the destroyers
- whatever little they may have remained. I see the
dawn of a new fortune for mankind. I see human race
rising to a level of enlightenment, full of knowledge,
in tune with the Constitution of the Universe which
administers the universe with perfect order and always
perfect order and always perfect order.

It is not my wish (only). With the grace of Guru Dev,
with the grace of the Vedic tradition, the eternal
light of the constitution of the world is being
brought to the human awareness now and I have counted
these very important
countries in the world (Switzerland, Denmark, Germany,
Holland) to be rising in dignity and shaking off the
slavery to foreign powers. Whatever may be the
foreign power. But now all these countries will be the
shining star in the family of nations to guide the
destiny of the rest of the countries in the world. It
is not a wish. It is being brought about by the arrow
of knowledge that has left the bow and is going to
purify the world

...The arrow has been shot. The arrow has left the
bow and it is hitting the target..... The arrow has
left the bow and it is hitting the target. It does
not depend on anyone to do it or not...... The arrow
has left the bow and it is going to do the magic for
the world very soon...... The arrow has left the bow
and it is beyond anyone to stop the arrow hitting the

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