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> > > > > Someone died because they didn't have policies 
> > > > > in place to handle that kind of person 
> > > > 
> > > > I understood the policies were indeed in place. 
> > > > The people implementing the policies didn't see 
> > > > the danger. They thought their actions in accord
> > > > with the policy were adequate.
> > > >
> > > 
> > > Either way, they'd never had experience with a violent nutcase 
> the 
> > > MUM student body, or at least not THAT violent.
> > 
> > MUM has had to regularly deal with "nutcases" on campus since the
> > sidhis came out - sidhis plus rounding has been bad news for 
lots of
> > psychologically marginal people on campus.  Lots of paranoid 
> fantasies
> > in particular, including threatening letters, lots of CIA 
> conspiracies
> > keeping soul mates apart, attacks by subtle bodies, you'd be 
> at
> > the stories over the yrs.  Lots of violent fantasies but not 
> actually
> > acted out until Sem.
> >

> So until then, the procedures they used had worked.


Prior to Sem, MUM regularly called the cops to haul off crazy 
students and staff, dozens of whom ended up in the mental hospital 
in Mt. Pleasant, or the psych ward of the Univ of Iowa hospital. 
Just a few weeks after I started working at MIU in 1974, a kitchen 
worker ran through a plate glass window in Annapurna, and the cops 
came and got him and put him in the Mt. Pleasant institution -- 
shortly thereafter, the Director of the Mental Health Institute, a 
TMer, committed suicide.  

However, since MUM is required to report incidents on its web site ( 
http://www.mum.edu/safety/bulletin ), it was an embarrassment to the 
school to have to list the fact that another crazy student was 
hauled off by the cops (or the incident was handled by MUM security, 
and entered in the security log, which also needs to be reported by 
MUM under Federal law governing educational institutions). 

So when Sem stabbed a student in the face with a pen, without 
provocation, clearly a psychotic episode, MUM security was not 
called, which would have been entered in the security log as an 
assault, but an attempt was made to call James Bedinger, who did not 
respond because he was busy with other duties as Facilities Manager. 
This failure to control an obviously dangerous student led to the 
fatal stabbing in the MUM dining hall, and it was facilitated by 
MUM's desire to avoid bad publicity:


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