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> > > If you pulled your head
> > > out long enough to actually read some of the things
> > > printed about Mr. Creme by those in the larger
> > > spiritual community, you'd know that he is regarded
> > > almost universally at best as a joke, at worst as a
> > > charlatan. 
> > 
> > Thats an interesting criteria to evaluate a 
> > teacher that one is drawn to: how "the larger
> > spiritual community" evaluates them 
> > 
> > How does "the larger spiritual community" view Fred Lenz -- who 
> became
> >    Rama?
> > 
> > http://skepdic.com/rama.html
> > 
> > http://www.ex-cult.org/Groups/Rama/williams-article.html
> > 
> > http://www.cultnews.com/index.php/category/swamirama/
> > 
> > With my less-than-half brain, I took the first three articles that
> > Google spit out. Maybe you have some cites from "the larger 
> spiritual
> > community" that view Lenz favorably.
> > 
> > Maybe Lup has such for Creme.
> > 
> > How does "the larger spiritual community" view MMY?
> > 
> > Was the Lenz trip a waste of time? Was the Maharishi gig? Have
> > you spent decades chasing things that "sound too good to be true"?
> Very good points. 
> The thing is that I have no interest in how so-called "spiritual 
> groups" view Benjamin Creme. I simply go by my intuition. 

Which Barry is fond of telling people to do "go by ones intuition" --
and telling people what fools they are, if not  complete raving
assholes, for not doing so.

But the other day, Barry/Unc/Turq apparently decided to use another
side of his mouth and came up with the above criteria for teachers.
Which he is embarrassed to use on his past teachers. 

Perhaps all this talk of precesional shifts and changing directions
had caused him to get his "rap" mixed-up and which of the many sides
of his to rant with.

But the really funny yet sad aspect is Barry appears  to view his
contradictictory proclamations and unsolicited advice about how we
should live our lives  as signs of his enlightenment. In BarryLoka,
apparently, the more contradictory you are about everyday things, the
more enlightened you are. 

Sort of like BushLoka.  

And  it appears Barry wants to be the "most" enlightened -- so he can
be the most special -- and be the  most unlike you and me.

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