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> wrote:
> > > Is this not the OPPOSITE of the TM Program as taught back in 
> > > the '70s?  I mean the total and complete opposite?
> > > 
> > > These suckers will believe anything.
> > 
> > It was those very suckers (though I'd spell it 'seekers') who 
> > pressed Mr. M for this knowledge. It was their own impatience, 
> > yearning for Realization, and lack of confidence in themselves 
> > that drew out this Vedic oriented knowledge, which some of them
> > become unbalanced about.
> In the early days (1967-69...early for me at least),
> Maharishi used to have a pat answer for people who
> asked him questions about diet and lifestyle and
> how they should live their lives. He used to say,
> "It is not a favor to the seeker to answer such
> questions. If I do, it makes them *weaker*, because
> they get used to someone telling them how to live
> and making their decisions for them instead of 
> figuring things out for themselves." (This is not 
> an exact quote...I'm doing this from memory.)
> Pity he didn't stick to that teaching.  If he had,
> he'd have created stronger students.

Of course, people change their minds, and actually, the Ayurvedic 
recommendations are flexable enough that you STILL have to make up 
your mind about what to eat.

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