Patrick Gillam wrote:
> What do people think of this? Does it jibe with your experience?
> If so, it speaks to the influence of collective consciousness
> on the individual.
Vaj writes:
I would add that they are simply non-local--that is they aren't  
exclusive to you. Therefore when a thought arises from lively- 
emptiness, it can be experienced to those deliberately tuning the  
thought in using the hardware of their own neural networks and their  
attention AND those with a naturally broad experience of the range of  
manifestation of thought. In fact if a person who had a broader range  
of experience of the manifestation of thought was in conversation,  
placing attention on another who was tuning in "their" mentations, it  
is possible that the experience of the thought can occur prior in  
linear time to the "other" person. Different people will experience  
thoughts sooner in the conscious mind than others. It's also possible  
if you sustain attention of the set of karmic causes in a person that  
causes particular patterns of thought to arise, you can guess their  
thought-chain before it arises, receiving it as a "flash" or an  
impulse at that subtlest level of intention.

Tom T:
I once spent an entire evening at the TM center after group program
hearing everyones thoughts about 30 seconds to one minute before they
actually said them. ie I would hear a thought in my head in the voice
of the one thinking the thought and then hear them say it with a time
delay of about thirty to 60 seconds. I was able to track every
conversation in the room of more than a dozen and then hear all the
spoken words again. No problem keeping it all sorted out and no
problem with hearing the spoken words. Needless to say I did no
speaking myself as this was unspeakable. Prior to coming up from group
program I had had a 360 degree vision experience and other things
happen during the flying part of the program. It took a long time to
digest this experience. Since this thing never happened on the gross
level again it took a while to understand that it was happening on the
subtle level most of the time. Tom T

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