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> > > A flying monkey and a shape shifting king of Lanka are quite 
> > > beautiful images to be found in the Ramayana. So too is the 
> > > idea that supernatural weapons might be used in warfare, in 
> > > the place of conventional and crude weaponry, to be found in 
> > > the Bhagavadgita. But in the 21st century we tend to treat 
> > > such tales as makebelieve. If talking animals do not exist, 
> > > nor astral weapons, then why should one choose to accept 
> > > the descriptions of the powers of rishis or maharshis as 
> > > all factual?
> > 
> > There *is* a criterion that would make one tend to
> > respect such descriptions in ancient texts, be they
> > from the Vedas or other traditions -- personal exper-
> > ience.  That is, if one has had the experience of
> > performing or witnessing such powers, then if the
> > description in the text agrees with your experience,
> > then you might give the text more credibility.  Same
> > thing with some of the "legendary" animals described
> > in texts of the past. One can treat them as fiction
> > only until you run into one. Once you do, the texts
> > are harder to be skeptical of.
> >
> My recollection is that your personal experiences are such that 
> you don't believe that a photographer might have recorded them 
> as you remembered them. 

Your recollection is incorrect.  I don't *know* that
the experiences (of levitation, someone turning 
invisible, etc.) would have been captured on video
or in a photograph.

> Most of us wouldn't find that to be "real" in the 
> usual sense of hte word.

"Most of us" can go suck eggs.  What others believe 
or don't believe is real doesn't affect me in any way.  :-)

What you should ponder is how *you* would react if
you had witnessed such phenomena -- often -- and 
yet had no objective evidence of their existence.  

Would you have the balls to believe your own exper-
ience or would you doubt, and continue to doubt 
until "outside verification" made it *safe* for
you to believe your own experience.

If the latter, I would suggest that you're gonna
have a long, long road to enlightenment.  IMO, one 
of the things you have to do to realize it is learn
to trust yourself.

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