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> wrote:
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> > > > You seem to be beyond MMY's teachings. Do you feel you have
> > > > transcended his insights and have (re)cognized a newer or 
> > > > higher reality? Do you feel your insights are deeper and 
> > > > superior to his?
> > > >
> > > Question for you: Why should you, or anyone else, use MMY and 
> > > what he says or writes as the 'gold standard' for their 
> > > spiritual development? I'm serious, not just being 
> > > rhetorical...
> > 
> > <snip...> Again, his view and teachings may not be perfect, 
> > the best, or a gold standard. But without further info I 
> > would bet on it over the one-man,one-generation Santa 
> > Claran tradition.
> Oh c'mon, that's just BS...to insinuate that I am somehow 
> comparing myself to the Holy Tradition, or trying to start 
> a tradition of my own. 

I wouldn't say that AnonAkaskaMoose was *really* comparing
you to the TM "holy tradition," Jim. What he was doing was
using "tradition" the way it's *always* been used through-
out history.  "Tradition" is that thing that people who
have been practicing a set of spiritual techniques for
years without having any terribly interesting experiences
or results trot out to explain why they stick with a set
of techniques that have never produced what they claimed.
You repeat the word "tradition" over and over to yourself
to make you feel better about having invested so much
time and money in something that hasn't paid off on its

This common usage of the term "tradition" has the added
side benefit of enabling the TB who wields it of putting
down those who *have* had spiritual experiences. Because
those experiences don't necessarily jibe with what the
"tradition" told the TB to expect, the TB can use the
word "tradition" to attempt to discredit the person who
has actually had a few experiences, and discredit the
experiences themselves. It's a nice "perk" of clinging
to a "tradition" that hasn't really ever delivered on
its own promises.

:-)  :-)  :-)

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