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> > > I also have the highest respect for Chopra, he's a fine man
> > > with great integrity IMO.
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> > Who allowed his name to be put on a book that was
> > written by others?
> First, we don't know that's true about the ayurved book just because
> some mov't docs say so.

I know.  I was asking *Vaj* how he could claim
Chopra was "a fine man with great integrity" when
he himself had been the one to post the claim about
the Ayurved book in a way that sounded as though he
disapproved, and he himself had suggested that what
Chopra was quoted as saying about the Beatles being
thrown out was "movement revisionism."

In other words, I was asking about an apparent
contradiction on Vaj's part.

> have more time to promote M-ayurved on the lecture circuit - so Judy
> should question MMY's integrity as well for encouraging it.

Er, it wasn't Chopra's integrity I was questioning
on this point, nor MMY's for that matter.

> > Who tried to push the "revisionist" untruth that the
> > Beatles were thrown out of MMY's ashram because they
> > were doing drugs?
> The drug rationale has been around in the mov't for decades - it's a
> way for TBs to cope with the MMY-Beatles breakup

For the record, I've never heard anybody make this
claim before.  I've heard people say the Beatles were
supposedly doing drugs there, but not that this was
what had caused the breakup (at least not in the sense
that they were thrown out for doing it; I think I
recall someone having suggested that they had been
hallucinating the alleged incident with MMY and the
female follower).

, it doesn't jibe with
> 95% of what people who were there say.   Chopra apparently heard it
> while in the mov't and passed it on at that time.  How it got into a
> 2006 Indian article on the beatles is still a mystery to me?

It seems, from what the article says, that Chopra has
some kind of guest editor position with the India Times,
and that his remarks about the Beatles were made for the
article that was posted here.

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