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> > I also have the highest respect for Chopra, he's a fine man 
> > great integrity IMO.
> Who allowed his name to be put on a book that was
> written by others?

I don't know if you want to go down that road, Judy.

Alot of people let their names be put on books written by 
others...and if both parties -- that is, the person whose name goes 
on the book and the person or people who do the actual writing -- 
agree to it, there is no harm, is there?

Do you think Bill Clinton entirely wrote that book that came out 
after he left the presidency?

> Who tried to push the "revisionist" untruth that the
> Beatles were thrown out of MMY's ashram because they
> were doing drugs?

I've heard so many versions of that story that I'm open to any new 

Are YOU sure what happened there?  I mean there is John Lennon's 
version; Harrison's version; Cynthia Lennon's version; that lady who 
wrote "Beyond Gurus" version; Mia Farrow's version; etc., etc.  It 
is hardly a case that we all know and agree on what "the truth" is 
about that event...

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