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If both parties agree, no harm no foul.

It reminds me of a story I heard Paul Anka, the singer and 

songwriter, tell on the Howard Stern Show several months ago.

Anka is known as the writer of the "Tonight Show with Johnny Cason" 

theme song.  But Howard knew that, as a requirement to get that 

song -- and the lucrative royalties that went with it -- as the 

official theme that Anka had to agree to give Carson co-writer 

credit.  So, officially, both Carson and Anka are the co-writers and 

have shared through the years a 50/50 split on the royalties 

although everyone knows -- wink, wink, nudge, nudge -- that Carson 

didn't write a note that it was all done by Anka.

So Stern said to Anka: wasn't that Carson a prick for doing that to 

you?  And Anka's response was 'no, he wasn't.  That's the way things 

were done in those days and if I didn't want to have it as the theme 

of the show I was perfectly free to decline the offer."

Remember "Lennon & McCartney"? Do you really think John Lennon had anything to do with "Yesterday" or "Martha My Dear" or Paul with "Instant Karma"? The list is long.

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