--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "feste37" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Bob B has a point. I remember reading one of Chopra's books and 
> shocked at how he used not only MMY"s ideas but also MMY's exact 
> There was not an original thought in the book, and yet nowhere was 
there any 
> acknowledgement of MMY. 

There used to be. He rewrote all his books to delete any mention of 
TM, MMY and his relationship to them. He even undid his dedication to 
MMY IIRC, but the books are not marked "revised" or "second" edition.

I remember seeing somewhere later that he said 
> he did this because, since he and the movement had split, he didn't 
want to 
> embarrass them by mentioning MMY in his books. But that seemed to 
me a 
> poor excuse. For me, it was a matter of proper acknowledgement of 
debts and 
> sources -- what you would expect from any honest writer.  Chopra is 
> described as a "thinker," but it was MMY who supplied him with the 
> that he later used to become rich and successful. He owes almost 
> to MMY, in my opinion. 
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> >
> > >>>> In trying to think about why Chopra, who has been dissing MMY
> > >>>> for years -- while getting rich on his spinoffs from TM --  
> > >>>> would have a change of heart and try to make up (with lies, 
> > >>>> of course, we are talking about Deepack) for his past bad 
> > >>>> behavior, I'm thinking that Deepack, in some corner of his 
> > >>>> dim brain, realizes that MMY is about to die, and wants to 
> > >>>> make up for his disgusting behavior before Deepack also 
> > >>>> shuffles off -- in Deeppack's case, to that hell reserved
> > >>>> for those who insult great saints and piggyback their greed 
> > >>>> and ambition on the knowledge they received from that saintly
> > >>>> tradition. Good luck with that...
> > >>>
> > >>> More likely, he's aware that MMY isn't going to live all that
> > >>> much longer and he wants to establish himself as the 
> > >>> expert that everyone in the media will come to.
> > >>
> > >> *****************
> > >>
> > >> Possible, but I think even somebody as cynical and stupid as 
> > Chopra
> > >> must have some pangs of conscience, although he cannot find any
> > >> real reconciliation through that cloud of arrogance he lives 
> > >
> > > Right on ! He has fallen pray to his own greed obviously. But 
> > > about the so-called "independent" tm-teachers, are they not 
> > > exactly the same thing ?
> > 
> > Chopra was long after my time in the TM movement. I never
> > knew him, and have never even gotten a vibe on him that
> > inspired me to read one of his books.
> > 
> > So I don't really understand the *vehemence* above. I mean,
> > you've got people saying that they hope that he'll go to 
> > hell for essentially deciding to be his own man and put his
> > energy into his own projects instead of continuing to shill 
> > for Maharishi. What gives?
> >

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