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> on 2/20/06 1:34 AM, hugheshugo at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks I've just read the sadie files. very interesting.
> > 
> > I think you've missed the point though, Maharishi claims to be a
> > celibate monk and was apparently sleeping with his disciples I 
> > think of anything that undermines the TM movement more. What else
> > has he lied about, the maharishi effect? good fund raiser that.
> > Ayurveda? never worked for me but rakes in millions.
> > 
> > I'm serious, it's more than a question of consenting adults, a lot
> > of people will have nervous breakdowns they are into this stuff so
> > much, they believe MMY speaks with the voice of god! And all the
> > time he was getting blow jobs of young girls too scared or awed to
> > know any better!
> > 
> > 
> > How can the truth not be black and white?
> It never is. I share your questions and sentiments, but I've spent 
> time around Maharishi to know that he has many good qualities and is
> remarkable in many ways. Regardless of his behavior, he appeared to 
me to be
> in a very high state of consciousness: his darshan was 
transformative, his
> intellect brilliant, his energy extraordinary. When I was a new 
> and hadn't met him yet, a friend was razzing me about Maharishi's 
> Royces. I responded that I didn't know about that, but that if the 
> I was getting from TM were any indication of the man's worth, he 
must be a
> remarkable man. I still assert that, although I have very little 
doubt that
> the sexual allegations are true, that he's an unethical 
businessman, etc.
> I'm not saying those things are acceptable; they detract from his 
> and are probably symptomatic of the underlying reasons why the TMO 
> failed. Just that he's made a larger-than-life contribution to the 
> despite his foibles.

Well that I agree with, I have got a lot out of TM and I always 
believed it to be a force for good in the world. But the more time 
I've spent with the movement the more cynical I've got and thats a 
shame as I used to be passionate about spreading the word. Not any 

I think the term foibles is a bit too much of a forgiving term, If a 
teacher at college etc seduces a student it is always abuse, of power 
trust etc. I can see no difference here, I thinks it's worse 
actually. The girls concerned may still love MMY but this is typical 
of people in such a dysfunctional relationship.

I still think the truth is always clear though and I will be 
interested to see the expressions on my believer friends faces when 
they find out their guru, who they think speaks with the voice of god 
don't forget, is not as pure as they thought.

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