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> Judy, by now I suspect that almost everyone here
> has figured out 

Gee, I haven't. I must be slow. 

But it is amusing when people feel the need to express the feelings of
the group. If your points don't stand on their own merits, and/or your
own personal endorsement, I fail to see how invoking your perception
of group consensus helps.

Btw, how is a perception of group consensus accuratly gained? If it
was "obvious" -- that is 20-30 posts all in agreement of the point,
then it would be, well "obvious". 

Without such overwheming explicit evidence, how do you draw such
conclusions? Are you silently polling people behind the scenes? If so,
cool. But hey, you forgot me. Well, maybe thats because you figure
that I am slow. Well, I can't argue much on that one with you.

Being a Dylan fan, I know you must like this verse, as do I:
"...she knows too much to argue or to judge."

> that the *only* reason you try 
> get involved in discussions with me is to use them
> as part of your ongoing crusade to put me down, 

And you not only know what the group thinks, you have a deep
understanding of Judy's  inner world,psycho-dynamics and motivation.
Wow, you ARE good!

> I hope that this quest brings you great pleasure.

And compassionate -- sincerely wishing Judy all happiness and
pleasure. Omnicient and compassionate. You are truly a Saint.

> Doing this with Vaj and myself and sometimes Paul 
> seems to be one of the only things in your life

Well at least she is one pointed.

> so in the interest
> of furthering joy in the universe I would not 
> interfere with it.

Wise move.
> On the other hand, there is nothing that says I
> have to participate in it, 

or apparently anything of substance to say

so carry on all by
> yourself.  :-)

Thats all there IS. Or haven't you noticed?

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