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> >
> > That's my impression too.  The point isn't to absorb
> > the teacher's qualities of *mind* but his/her qualities
> > of *consciousness*.  Moreover, it's the process of
> > surrender itself, I should think, that does most of the
> > "work" of structuring freedom.
> This discussion, and Judy's point (everyone's collectively, really)
> brough to mind the passage from the Gita (Gita scholars chime in 
> here) where it says (paraphrased) "...better to die in one's own 
> dharma than trying to take on the dharma of another..."

(Just to clarify, taking on the dharma of another
isn't what I was talking about above.  I don't
think that's what MMY was doing with Guru Dev at

> I know that this has really had to come into play in my own life,
> realizing that all that I took and and tried to be via my long years
> with the TM org were attempts at living someone elses vision of how 
> my life should be lived.
> And I've seen this struggle in so many others. Some have 
> successfully managed to imbibe qualites/ways of living that, 
> initially, seemed so alien, and they truly made them their own. 
> Others, like me, strained to be a certain way and in many ways it 
> backfired. I feel like I wasted years of my life, from age 30-40, 
> knowing and experiencing my life as anything but a success but 
> unwilling/unable to escape from the deep rut I had dug myself into 
> from taking on a massive belief system that clearly wasn't working 
> but which I clung to in the hopes I was wrong and any second now it 
> was going to work.  This never happened until I decided to "get 
> out" and even then (15+ years ago) and now, I struggle with the 
> whole thing.

Can you look at it as a "learning experience"?  It
sounds like you're blaming yourself.  Is that what
the struggling part is about now?  That seems to me
to be more of a waste than sincerely having tried to
make a go of a way of life that felt as though it
made sense at the time.

> > > Ricks example of those around him now I think is false. They are
> > > "works in progress". Better examples are SSRS. Perhaps Chopra. 
> > > more finsihed works.
> > > 
> > > Look at the holy tradition. Was each master a clone of his 
> > > Hardly, it seems. What is passed down is consciousness awakened 
> > > itself. Content is not "the thing".
> >

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