With all due respect, Vaj, I think that your description
of "desert peoples" below is limited to one particular
stretch of desert -- North Africa and the Middle East.
The generalizations you make do not seem to apply to
the desert cultures of America (Native Americans) or
to the many desert cultures of Tibet and China, AFAIK.

Many of the three desert cultures I mention above were
matriarchal, did *not* practice genital mutilation,
had much more of a balance between rights of women and
men, etc. In other words, it ain't "the desert" that's
a factor here, it's just one particular desert.

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Feb 22, 2006, at 10:40 AM, Rick Archer wrote:
> > He also said with regard to Christianity: "The religion of the  
> > desert is
> > terrorizing the Mississippi."
> These are both very insightful comments IMO.
> People who are incarnating among these desert peoples are the 
> genetic descendents of peoples who survived mass starvation after 
> last ice age. A number of bizarre factors accompany these desert  
> peoples: traditions of male and female genital mutilation, 
> of babies to prevent crying, cranial deformation, and so on.  
> Scientists who have studied desertification and global prana  
> depletion (which inevitably accompanies desertification) note 
> the people who inhabit these regions will also possess the most  
> hierarchical and patriarchal systems of belief, often including a  
> severe lack of rights for both women and children. I would add 
> gods as opposed to universal gods seem to be a common 
component: "my  
> god or you die" type thing. Reichians point out that these are 
> highly "armoured" peoples--cultures which indoctrinate and 
engender a  
> tense muscular armor passed down since the time of the original 
> starvation which prevents the free flow of life 
> bioenergetic bondage/domination and sadomasochism.

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