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It would make some gays more accepted and less marginalized. That's a  

good thing, no?

Not if you're just making it up, no. People who say Jesus may have been a 

homosexual are simply trying to spin non-existent historical facts to  make 

them fit what they think is desirable. Doesn't sound very scholarly to me. I 

thought you were supposed to be a scholar, in which case I would have 

thought you would value truth, where it can be known, over pointless 


Is it "pointless speculation" to ask:

Can an open heart *exclude*?

Did Jesus have an open heart?


Well, no, I'm not "making it up". The "gospels" have been edited, and the potentially homosexual parts were removed from Mark. We know because we found an old copy before the church got it's hands on it.

Maybe Jesus was an androgyne, I don't know. It's the open hearted revolutionary that I liked. I have little interest in bending knee to a guy on a torture device.

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