Timeline for UFO sighting that inspired the Sufjan Stevens song "Concerning 
the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois." (Yes fans might reference the song 
"Arriving UFO.") The Discovery Channel will rebroadcast a special, UFO OVER 
ILLINOIS on March 2nd and March 3rd (info at bottom). There is a second 
documentary, THE EDGE OF REALITY: ILLINOIS UFO JANUARY 5, 2000  (from which 
most of the 
below info is culled) available for purchase online. I think The Edge of 
Reality documentary is more complete and interviews all the officers, but 
ironically, is shorter. They interview Officer David Martin, whose sighting at 
Illinois, is excellent testimony and is absent from UFO Over Illinois. The 
Discovery Channel documentary (UFO Over Illinois) tries to recreate the 
sightings using computer animation created by Sigma Animations.  A lot of their 
documentary focuses on this task, in my opinion, to the detriment of 
testimony.  To get a complete picture of the sighting and alternate hypotheses 
regarding the sighting, viewing both videos is necessary.   =--=-= om=-=--= 
  P.S. For discussion group examining all Sufjan's lyrics, follow this link: 
To buy the EDGE OF REALITY video on VHS, go to: 

Melvern Noll.  Highland, Illinois Businessman. approximately 4 AM, January 5, 
2000. Saw UFO in Highland, Illinois. He saw the UFO, which at first he 
thought was a star, until it started coming toward him. He described it as 
like a two story house floating over Highland with large windows and intense 
bright lights and red blinking lights. It passed over him slowly and when it 
nearly stopped, he got scared. He went to the Highland police station to report 
and to tell them to alert the Lebanon police department.

St. Clair County, Police Dispatch send out report of UFO sighting in Highland 
at 4:11: AM. They described it as Malvern Noll reported it, though they 
misidentified him as a truck driver (he is a business owner).  

Officer Ed Barton   Lebanon, Illinois Police Department.  4:18 AM. He 
received the report and thought they were kidding. Then he sees the UFO's 
lights (so bright they blotted out the stars around it), but doesn't know what 
is. He follows UFO, thinking it is an aircraft about to crash, which is near 
Summerfield, and at 4:21 he asks dispatch to ask Scott Air Force Base if they 
have planes flying in the area. He notices that the UFO is coming towards him, 
so he pulls over to watch it. He stands as it passed near him, turned around, 
and floated away. He called dispatch at 4:24 AM and said it was heading, 
rapidly, over to Scott and Shiloh towns. 

Officer David Martin, Shiloh, Illinois Police Department.  4:23: AM. H spots 
UFO in a field. He observes a huge, floating arrow-shaped triangular craft 
with three big bright lights shining down and lighting up the sky. The craft 
no sound, yet accelerated rapidly. He saw the UFO, which had been hovering, 
suddenly accelerating down the road in the blink of an eye. 

Officer Craig Stevens, Millstadt, Illinois Police Department.  He sees UFO 
and describes it as a "huge" arrow shaped object with concave back. It was very 
low to the ground and he got a good look at it. He saw a strobe-like white 
light across theback of the UFO, with a red blinking light on the bottom. It 
banked right and headed toward St. Louis. He got a Polaroid camera from his 
and took a photo of it, but the coldness of the camera made it function 
poorly-- all you can see is a pattern of blurry lights. Computer analysis of 
photo found it was impossible to determine the shape of the UFO. Stevens was 
familiar with military planes and it did not resemble any in terms of behavior 

Officer Matt Jany, Dupo, Illinois Police Department. 5:03 AM  He pulled over 
to look in the sky, another officer came by and when he told him what he 
doing, they both laughed about it and the other officer took off. Then he 
the UFO  It was far off in the distance so he looked at it with binoculars. He 
saw the UFO turn back to the East. He communicated with Officer Stevens of 
Millstadt about the UFO. 

lllinois locations timeline list: 
Highland 4 AM
Summerfield 4:18 AM
Lebanon: 4:23 AM
Shiloh  4:23 AM
Millstadt 4:28
Dupo 5:03 AM

For more info on UFO research, contact The National Institute for Discovery 
Science official website. http://www.nidsci.org/
Or the Center for UFO Studies:  http://www.cufos.org/

Discovery Channel :: Episode :: UFO Over Illinois
 On Air (et/pt): MAR 02 2006 @ 08:00 PM. MAR 03 2006 @ 12:00 AM.
 UFO Over Illinois. UFO Over Illinois. ... 
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On Air (et/pt):  
 MAR 02 2006
@ 08:00 PM   ET
 MAR 03 2006
@ 12:00 AM  ET

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