---Statement below (Enlightened person has an option to stop pain) is
incorrect.  Enlightenment does not imply particular (or any) Siddhis,
which have to do with relative endeavors..  Why stop with control over
pain?  Why not say that Enlightened people can fly through the air 108
miles?  Show me a text that Enlightened people can control pain and
I'll swallow some nails.  

 In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, bbrigante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, wmurphy77 <no_reply@> wrote:
> > That's good and I hope BBrigante responds, however, a Yogi in CC to 
> > the level of Brahman would have inner and outer fullness (purnamadah 
> > puramidam) and would have been able to choose which way to react, 
> > either to stop him OR to let the nail go in and show NO pain.
> >
> ************
> Not much point in polling the list for an answer to what enlightenment 
> is like, since MMY, somebody who knows what he is talking about (a 
> nice contrast to this list), has written a lot on the subject in his 
> commentary on the Gita, like this from Ch. 3, v. 8:
> "Meditation is the key to the performance of one's allotted duty. It 
> is a direct way to make glorious every aspect of life, for it 
> transforms a life of bondage in the world into the divine life of 
> eternal freedom in cosmic consciousness, where one experiences the 
> Self as separate from activity. 
> Cosmic consciousness in turn develops into God-consciousness through 
> devotion, the most highly refined type of action, which unites in the 
> light of God the two separate aspects of cosmic consciousness, the 
> Self and activity. This is the blessing of action, that it leads one 
> from the waking state of consciousness to transcendental pure 
> consciousness, thence to cosmic consciousness and finally to God-
> consciousness, the highest state of human evolution."

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