Title: Mike Scozarri being sued
Someone sent me the following:

Mike is being sued.....
  Any chance of publicizing this on FFL?
  He really needs someone to organize a legal defense fund.  If  there are any independents out there, this will only help them to help  him.  A precedent would be set, and then there would be NO  teaching in the US at all.  Cuz let's face it, the only ones  teaching or caring about teaching are the independents.
  He needs ALL THE DIRT there is on the movement.  It is time for them to be exposed.
  He really shouldn't have to stand alone on this.
And a 2nd email:  
My husband just got off the phone with Mike.
This is serious.
He needs a legal defense fund.  And he needs all the 'dirt' on the movement that we can discover.  And people willing to be witnesses, etc.  
If he loses this, then there will be legal precedent and they will go after EVERYONE that is teaching and that will be the end of it.  No more TM technique.  Because the independents are the only one really teaching.  
Can you post this legal document to Fairfield life and perhaps see if there's interest in setting up a fund for his defense?
It's time for the dirty laundry to be aired.
I STILL WANT TO BE ANON at this point...


The PDF of the summons will be posted soon. Too large for the files section.

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