--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Irmeli Mattsson"

> Irmeli: I have stated earlier that I don't consider Goodman to be a
> fanatic. Here you use logical arguments in a distorted way and make
> inapt comparisons and generally come across as hostile in spite of
> your Bhakti ideals.

If I use distortions you should point them out. I use very much
logical arguments in a differentiated way, not streoetyped as some
people do here. If I come across hostile, that's because I differ with
you in my views in a way that I consider essential. It's nothing
personal from my side. I just don't like the attitudes you express,
and maybe you just come across as hostile to me. Ever thought about this?

> I have spent a lot of my time by responding to you.I am not going to
> discuss with you anymore.

Fine, its up to you. The topic is also somewhat exhausted.

>  Even if you claim to appreciate Bhakti, I
> find your way of distorting my writing and ideas appalling. I suppose 
> you don't generally get very well along with people and have a lot of 
> difficulties in relationships if you have any. 

What strange judgements you have. I would call this kind of judgement
about me hostile and personal. Why do you need to resort to this kind
of personal arguments?

> I truly hope I'm wrong.

Of course you are. I just oppose things you take as a given and
consider 'mainstream' in a strong way.

> Learning to accept and appreciate also your heavy and negative
> emotions and attitudes would make your life much more easier.

My life is easy. It is you who resort to personal attacks. There is
nothing wrong in trying to defend a Bhakti attitude. You haven't done
it ever, that shows it doesn't matter to you.Everything else is more
important to you, dispite your false assurances. I don't believe them.

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