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> > Barry:
> > 
> > Apropos of our discussion regarding effortless meditation and 
> > where 
> > I asked you to give me the names of the meditation techniques 
> > you claimed were effortless practises (the same as or even more 
> > effortless as TM, you subsequently claimed).  You couldn't -- or 
> > wouldn't! -- give me the names of the techniques that you 
> > were effortless techniques but you did, finally, suggest I 
> > two Zen meditation centres in Santa Fe, NM.  You told me to "go 
> > out and find out on my own". Well, I did...or at least I tried 
> > 
> > The two were: Kagyu Shenpen Kunchab and the Upaya Zen Center, as 
> > you wrote in message 90310.
> > 
> > Well, I could find no contact telephone number for the Kagyu 
> > Shenpen Kunchab Center but I did for the Upaya Zen Center.  
> > After several attempts to speak to someone there, I finally 
> > spoke with "Elizabeth" 
> > at 505 986 8518.  According to her, there are only two types of 
> > meditation offered there, both involving concentration: one is a 
> > breath meditation and the other is one where one "practises 
> > awareness".  But, she emphasized, both require "lots of effort".
> > 
> > Now, I suppose that at one time they did offer an effortless 
> > meditation technique but Elizabeth didn't know anything about 
> > This would have obviously been at a time that you were visiting 
> > there and received instruction in an effortless meditation 
> > technique.
> > 
> > Could you describe in a bit more detail the effortless technique 
> > you claim you learned there?  
> Glad to. It was a walking meditation that involved
> paying attention to what was going on internally
> and externally.
> > Who was it that taught you?  
> A gal from another Zen tradition out in California
> who was there at Upaya on retreat at the same time 
> I was there. She didn't charge me anything to teach 
> it to me. To tell the thruth, both of us were a little
> underwhelmed with the Upaya program per se, but it was 
> a quiet and inexpensive place to stay when visiting 
> Santa Fe.
> > When was it?
> I have no idea. A few yars before I actually moved 
> to Santa Fe...that would be early to mid 90s, I 
> would imagine. 
> Good luck with your detective work, although I 
> can't help but think that if you were actually
> serious about wanting to know about another 
> technique of meditation to learn yourself, you'd 
> have been looking closer to where you live.  :-)

I'm not now nor was I interested in learning for myself.  I'm happy 
with TM.  I was interested in finding out about claims of other 
meditation techniques that are as effortless as TM.

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