--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Mar 17, 2006, at 1:27 PM, peterklutz wrote:
> > Do you think you could explain the stuff above in greater detail,
> > perhaps with a few examples, so people like this guy I know (who is
> > really, really stupid) would also understand your point?
> When wholeness collapses (the "kshara", collapse  of "a",  primordial  
> fullness") to a point (the bindu) you can either hang out there a  
> while or re-emerge on the out stroke OR you can pierce *through* the  
> bindu to the other side in which case the consciousness automatically  
> will separate from the body and you will truly transcend the mind.  
> This is where meditation on a bija (a mantra like your first TM  
> mantra, a seed mantra, which by its very nature collapses to a point/ 
> seed or bindu) is supposed to lead. Of course you need some rather  
> skillful methods to do so.
> A morphogenetic field in this case would be the resonance of the  
> mantra in the unmanifest form which is passed on from the initiator/ 
> guru to the student at the moment of initiation which would guide the  
> student to the same consciousness as that of the giver.
> Shakti is the energy behind consciousness. At the subtlest level it  
> becomes "nada" which wraps around the point of awareness (the bindu),  
> eventually merging with the point before either reemerging or  
> transforming in some way. The last two "letters" of your TM mantra  
> represent this nada and bindu.

Okey-dokey, so all this guy now needs to know is (1) some of these
skilfull methods mentioned to pierce through bindu (which this guy
think sounds like when Captain Picard and his crew charges through a
black hole and comes out on the others side of the Universe), and (2)
a more thorough explanation of the tantric initiation where "the
indestructible seed is actually implanted in consciousness" - and (3)
where to obtain such tantric initiation.

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