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> > > If you click on the blue "all >>" near the top right,
> > > it implies that it is the juggler's use of five balls
> > > instead of three that is the parody. It seems
> > > like they just have a different interpretation of the
> > > world "parody". 
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> > The parody of the audience cheering over a bunch of simple tricks
> > put together artfully.
> Those were *simple* tricks??

Virtually all of them are found in the book _Three Ball Digest_ by 
Dick Franco. From the forward:

"Three ball juggling is the foundation of all other toss juggling. If 
you are going to be a juggler, this is the stuff you will need to 
know. Everything else you go on to learn will be derived from the 
basics with three balls. Used either as exercises leading up to other 
varieties of juggling, or as an end in themselves, the three-ball 
lessons included in this book will provide you with an education as 
well as entertainment.

While many people continue on to explore other numbers or shapes, the 
simple juggling of three balls is a worthy goal in and of itself. A 
three ball routine is argueably the purest most elemental form of 
juggling. As such, the performer using three balls is able to display 
his personality more effectivelythan while juggling larger items or a 
greater number of props. The audience can better relate to the 
performaer as a person when their are fewer objects cluttering up the 
air between them. Three ball juggling allows for freedom of motion 
and emotion..."
-- Alan Howard, Foward to _Three Ball Digest_

Mind you, I thought Chris Bliss's performance was worthy of a 
standing ovation *as a performance*. However, the audience was 
clapping and cheering at the simplest of tricks as though they were 
the greatest thing since sliced bread. That's the mark of a great 
performer, to be sure. Segovia could play a simple study and bring 
tears to your eyes but that's his *artistry* not the technical 
difficulty of what he was doing.

> That was the only thing I could think of that would
> make it an actual parody, but that only jugglers
> would find funny.  But the idea of those routines
> being *simple* was just too mind-boggling, so I
> figured that couldn't be it.

Here's what Dick Franco says in his introduction to the book:

"The three ball cascade, although the simplest pattern of three 
object juggling, is quite difficutl to learn without instruction. 
Most people who try to juggle three balls have no idea what the 
mechanics of a cascade consist of. Without instruction, most people 
make little progress and after a few disasterous tries, give up in 

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