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> > 
> > > There are too many eyewitness accounts of the plane
> > > striking the Pentagon for this theory to be credible.
> > > There's also been a great deal of expert debunking of
> > > the Thierry book (which is what the article at the link
> > > is about).
> > 
> > Some eye-witnesses thought they saw a smaller private jet flying
> into the
> > Pentagon. Others thought they saw a rocket. Surveillance videos 
> local
> > gas stations were confiscated immediately after the incident and 
> > divulged.
> >
> ++++ It was pointed out that a plane of that size wouldn't punch a
> round hole in a building.
>      Also, as a combat veteran near the scene pointed out "planes 
> sound like that- missles do"
>      That is a point too about the passenger list for that flight 
> was anything ever said about the passengers on the planes at WTC-
> there must have been something said about them but I don't recall.
>      There should have been some news about someone suing airport
> security or some such I would have thought.  
>       It is amazing that the official position on the matter hasn't
> completely ruined everybodys BS meter.  N.

No.  What's amazing is that allegedly normal people like you fall 
for any bullshit that's put in front of them.

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