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> > The trading anomolies were in the options trading of the 2 airlines
> > involved in 9/11 hijackings.  The data is easily available - I do
> > options trading for a living.  I compared the options trading in the
> > relevant airlines the prior week to 9/11 to the prior year and it 
> was
> > clearly statistically significant, no doubt about it, and it was all
> > predicting a downward movement, ie, purchase of put options.  
> > 
> > The government panel investigating 9/11 look at this issue and came 
> > up with some reasons for the unusual trading - it being unusual 
> > wasn't questioned.  They didn't give enough info on the source 
> > documents for me to find them and do my own analysis, but their 
> > reasons seemed weak
> Where did you find the reasons they gave?  I was
> under the impression they'd just said there were
> explanations and left it at that.
> > for example they referred to an options newsletter that went bearish
> > on airlines that week, which would be relevant if all airlines saw
> > bearish trading, but only the 2 involved in 9/11 showed bearish
> > trading.  There were some other weakass explanations as well.
> >
> > Though data on options trading is publicly available, info on the
> > accts involved in the trading is not and I'm not sure what they know
> > about the accts and account holders involved in the unusually high
> > volume trading.  That to me is the key.
> Yes, of course it is.  All the rest of the nonsense
> being argued here is just an attempt to distract
> attention from the real issue: Who was doing that
> trading?
> That's why I brought it up in the first place.
> What would the status be of the records that would
> show who was doing the trading?  Who would have them,
> and what would be required to pry that information
> loose?  It's potentially evidence of a crime, i.e.,
> knowing the attacks were going to take place but not
> reporting that fact to the authorities.
+++ When the authorities are the ones causing the problem,
whistleblowing becomes a hazard to the person with the whistle.  N.

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