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> > wayback71 wrote:
> > > Richard, what is your point and could you just say it clearly? 
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> > wayback71 - The Marshy doesn't need anymore people to sign up for TM
> > training - he just needs to have the current teams of meditators sit
> > in large groups to achieve the Maharishi effect, like we do at in the
> > Superradience Dome at Radience. He doesn't need the apostates who went
> > over to the Rama Lentz, the Sri Sri, the Prakash, or that older woman
> > named Ma. So Marshy said to Girish Varma, his uncle, "Who needs them?"
> > Nandikishore told me this because I've been an insider since
> > 
> > According to Steve Perino, not a single temple in all India uses bija
> > mantras, like the ones used in TM, in their spiritual practice. Perino
> > also stated that Shankaracharya didn't teach adwaita, but that's
> > another thread. However, several years ago I discovered that in fact,
> > the headquarters math of Guru Dev was at Sringeri, which is a noted
> > seat of the Sri Vidya sect which practices a meditation similar to TM
> > and that uses thirteen bija mantras contained in the Saundaryalahari,
> > composed by the Shankaracharaya, which contains at least three TM bija
> > mantras.
> >
> Thank you.

Most every Indian spiritual group I've investigated uses some of the
bija mantras - not necessarily in an eye-closed effortless meditation
practice, but they seem to be very commonly known.  

As discussed here recently, early TMers report they weren't given bij
mantras, but "Ram".

Speaking of Nandkisore, I'd always heard the story about how surprised
he was when MMY taught him TM - there was nothing like it taught
within their ashram.

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