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> > > An elitist superstition codified
> > > is no less of an elitist superstition.
> > 
> > Note that he justifies his own non-Shankaracharya-hood 
> > based on the Jyotish chart...
> I don't think I get your point, if you had one. 
> Seems to me that to claim that caste is based 
> on one's Jyotish chart (it's not...it's based
> on the caste of the birth parents) is a way to
> claim that one is *eligible* for a position open
> only to Brahmans simply because one can find an
> astrologer willing to say that the person is a
> "Brahman based on his chart."
> But all of this is just silly TB stuff. Who on 
> earth really *gives a shit* whether Maharishi 
> could have become Shankaracharya, other than a 
> few TBs who would *like* to believe such fictions 
> because the fantasy makes them feel more important?
> To me the most fascinating thing is that the people
> who do this -- the ones who try to construct some 
> fantasy world in which Maharishi could have or 
> should have been Shankaracharya -- are probably
> considered by Maharishi *himself* to be lower than 
> Shudras because they're not even Indian.  :-)

It's all almost as silly as naming some 5-year-old peasant boy the 
Dalai Lama because he can recognize a shoe that the recently-
departed Dalai Lama once wore...

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