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> > > > It's all almost as silly as naming some 5-year-old peasant 
> > > > boy the
> > > > Dalai Lama because he can recognize a shoe that the recently-
> > > > departed Dalai Lama once wore...
> > >
> > > You're obviously not familiar with the real story if that's
> > > what you believe!
> > >
> > > The real story is pretty amazing.
> >
> > Okay, it was eyeglasses or some such nonsense.
> >
> > Look my source for any info I have on the DL are the movies 
> > " Seven
> > years in Tibet", "Kundun" and that Snow Lion documentary.
> >
> > If I've got it wrong, blame Martin Scorcese and Brad Pitt...

Or blame someone so stupid and lazy that he bases
his bigoted rant against Tibetant Buddhism on the
little he's seen in the movies.  :-)

> Read John Avedon's _In Exile From the Land of Snows_.

Or, much better, read: "The Fourteen Dalai Lamas: A 
Sacred Legacy of Reincarnation," by Dalai Lama XIV, 
Glenn H. Mullin, and Valerie Shepherd.

This book lists the historical "tests" that were
performed to verify that the kid named as the rein-
carnation of the previous Dalai Lama really was.
Unlike the "movie version," the tests often went 
on for a month, five or six such tests per day.
Failing *any* of them meant that the kid was not
the right one.

It's an odd science, but as far as I can tell, a
real one.  


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