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> > > > I think it's the whole shebang, a complete package...don't
> > > > need anything else...
> > >
> > > Well that's probably because you were taught to believe that.
> >
> > No, it's probably because YOU were taught that...

So were you. It was part and parcel of the TM teaching.
And furthermore, YOU still believe it, Shemp; it is part 
and parcel of what you say on this forum.  YOU are the one
who keeps saying that TM is all you need.  All we're saying
is that you were actually taught to believe that, something
you seem to have forgotten.  

> > ...and believed it and
> > therefore think that all other TMers must think the way you
> Not at all Shemp. When you see where the road stopped and see the  
> methods continue, it's pretty darn obvious.

The issue, as I see it, is that the TM approach to
spiritual development *IS* seriously limited, and in 
my opinion deals with primarily "elementary school"
aspects of the enlightenment process.  Knowing this,
and knowing that he didn't really have anything to 
offer *other* than elementary school topics, Maharishi
has since pretty much Day One endeavored to make
people comfortable with staying in elementary school

First, he made it "off the program" to read books
from other traditions or see other teachers.  This
is smart because if you never know that there is more
out there than the TM movement offers, you'll never
miss it.  

Second, Maharishi created a *very* strong "TM is the
best and *all* other techniques and traditions are
lesser" mindset in his students.  You see it here
*EVERY DAY*, whether it manifests itself as the pure
bigotry of a Bob Brigante or just the ignorance of
TMers who are just "believin' what they were told." 
This mindset contributes to people being complacent 
about what they are taught by the TM movement and 
accepting of it as "all that *needs* to be taught."  
They think, "*Because* all other techniques and
traditions are lesser than TM, what could they 
possibly have to teach me?"  They have so thoroughly
accepted the "TM is best" bullshit that it has become
a set of blinders for them, keeping them from even
*noticing* that there are huge aspects of the spiritual
process that TM doesn't even touch on in its teachings.

Third, Maharishi created an Inquisition-like arm of 
the TM movement, whose job it is to come down on those
for which the first two techniques don't work, and who
*were* curious enough to study other traditions. When
that happens, the first step is usually a proclamation,
declaring that "IT'S NOT TM" and will not be countenanced.
(Similar to the recent proclamation about diksha.) The
next step after that is to excommunicate anyone who still 
persists in this "off the program" activity.

At the end of the process, you have gotten rid of any-
one who had the first-hand experience of having learned 
things of value that the TM movement doesn't teach
(or in many cases, even know about), *and* you have
created an example for the remaining students of *what
happens to them* if they *dare* to learn anything but
the elementary school stuff fed to them by the TMO.

It's a pretty fascinating cycle to watch, even after
all these years.  The only thing I can really feel 
about it all is compassion for those who have submitted
to this stuff, and even more compassion for those who
claim it wasn't done to them, and that they became the
TM bigots they are all on their own.  I mean, compassion
IS in order; there are a lot of smart people on the TM
internet forums who really could have done something with 
their spiritual aspirations. But instead they *settled* 
for repeating elementary school over and over and over, 
in some cases for thirty years or more.  And now they 
spend their days lashing out at anyone who suggests *that* 
they settled for elementary school.  It's really a 
mindstate to be pitied, not reacted to.

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