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> > > As i said previously,  the breaking of IT into infinite flow 
> > time,
> > > and infinte  increments of space is the core delusion of an
> > > unperfected intellect, not a perfected one.
> > >
> > So, how does the intellect function if not through its ability 
> > discriminate? If we always just recognize, and operate within, 
> > undifferentiated blob of infinity, what is the use of the 
> > Why have one? Are you saying that you don't have one?
> Its a quite a non-sequitur to presume that when the intellect 
> the falseness of slicing Oneness into into infinite flow of 
> of time, and infinte  increments of space that it is no longer
> functioning.
> > 
> > My point is that once the intellect is perfected, there comes 
> > the awareness a potential matrix of infinite time and infinite 
> > space. This allows us to discriminate time and space, without 
> > thought and action would be impossible.
> I don't follow. In your view, how then does one discriminate time 
> space, have thoughts, conduct action, and function in the world 
> the intellect is "perfected".  
> In other words, you appear to hold that "this awareness", "this
> perfected intellect" -- a potential matrix of infinite time and
> infinite space is what allows for the discrimination of time and
> space, which is what enables thought and action. So what enabled  
> thought and action prior to this "perfected intellect"
> Also you did not address the point on "cosmic computer" -- a term 
> by MMY and a number of saints. Is this what you are trying to get 
> with universal, yet accessible,  "perfected intellect?
Yes, the perfected intellect is what stabilizes this potential 
matrix of time and space. it is in operation during ignorance too, 
only not fully available to the actor.

The cosmic computer idea seems to incorporate the concept of a 
program within the computer. I am just talking about the hardware, 
not software, if the analogy holds...Actually that question arose-- 
what is the motive force behind the movement within the time/space 
matrix-- and I'm still working on it...

Also, I see a lot about premature claims of enlightenment here. How 
much enlightenment is real enlightenment? When it is permanent. Do 
we then know as much as we will ever know? No, learning continues. 
Learning always continues, the demarcation between 100% 
enlightenment and 99% enlightenment being that the 100% sees the 
world and themselves as they are, whereas 99% doesn't, exactly. It 
is a funny thing and seems to involve a significant and 
unmistakeable phase transition, from 99% to 100%.

The other observation I personally noticed is that I was far more 
aware of my blissful moments before. Now I don't notice bliss or 
transcendence or witnessing like I used to. It is weird and 
different, but I am adjusting to it... 

What does it matter? It doesn't, unless we are interested in such a 

Before, I used to get quite blissed-out at random times, 
experiencing the so-called higher states of consciousness, like the 
time I saw and was with Guru Dev, I thought, this is it, I am 
there!!! and then WHAM... no such luck. Ha-Ha! Picked up the pieces 
and went on. So, its something to watch for. 

Probably lots and lots of bliss and witnessing is a good indicator 
that it isn't permanent. Sometimes I'll still have this bliss 
blasting out of the crown of my head, but that isn't enlightenment 
per se. It s a great feeling, but it isn't indicative of being truly 

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