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> > We talk a lot around here about the reasons behind
> > actions and beliefs. What this article does is talk
> > about how some reasons are just more persuasive
> > than others by their very nature. For example, stories
> > seem to be more persuasive than technical accounts,
> > even if those technical accounts come from authorities.
> >
> > Hence, I may be willing to believe in a Golden Age of
> > Sat Yuga simply because it makes a good story. Or
> > I'll believe TM research when I've heard Skip Alexander
> > tell a story behind it, but I'll be more circumspect about
> > studies otherwise.
> Thanks for posting the link to that story, Patrick.
> (http://tinyurl.com/rmmfc)
> It's a fascinating subject. I found myself thinking
> of Carlos Castaneda's books when reading it, and
> how he is regarded by different people.
> Factually -- a 'technical account' -- Carlos played
> fast and loose with the truth from Day One.  He lied
> about his name, his age, what country he was from,
> his academic credentials, the fact that he deserted
> a wife and kids back home, and many other things,
> *years* before he started writing his books. The
> contents of the books have been challenged by almost
> every anthropologist and sociologist in the biz,
> because they can find zero evidence that most of the
> things Carlos claimed were part of Yaqui tradition
> really were.  He is widely regarded -- in 'technical
> accounts' -- as a charlatan.
> And yet. In the wider field of people who like to
> read about spiritual things because they find them
> entertaining or uplifting, he's still considered
> a completely reputable source. His books continue
> to get published, and bought, year after year.
> Why?

Interestingly enough, after the Carlos Casteneda books came out, 
anthropologists found the Yaqui were refusing to talk to outsiders 
for a long time because they thought all of them would end up like 
Casteneda: telling lies for money.

I look on his popularity like the popularity of the New Ager practice 
of swimming with captive dolphins: who cares what the reality of the 
situation is? It makes people feel spiritual to abuse animals that 
way, so go for it.

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