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> authfriend wrote:
> >Last Sunday I went into my corner 7-Eleven to pick up
> >a few things.  As I was paying at the counter, the
> >clerk--a friendly young Indian guy who likes to banter
> >with customers--asked me if I'd had a nice Easter.
> >
> >I'd forgotten.  I said, "Was today Easter?"  He looked
> >surprised, and I said, "I'm not religious."  Then I put
> >on a pious _expression_ and said, "But I'm very spiritual."
> >
> >He chuckled.  Then he said, "Do you meditate?"  I said
> >yes, I did.  He looked pleased.  Then he said, "Do you
> >use OM?"
> >
> >I said "No, but I'm not going to tell you what my
> >mantra is."
> >
> >He responded, "Oh, they say meditation that doesn't
> >use OM can't be effective."
> >
> >I said I'd heard that too.  He grinned and handed me
> >my change.
> >
> >That was the end of the conversation, but after I left
> >I thought how neat it was to connect, however briefly,
> >with a clerk in a convenience store on a relatively
> >sophisticated level of meditation lore.
> > 
> >
> You may recall over on a.m.t that I suggested given that you are in
> Jersey which has quite an Indian community to make the acquaintance
> some of those folks.  Try an Indian grocery next.  They love to
> Americans visit them and chat.

So none of them are citizens?

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