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> Here's a Monday morning topic for you: what is the
> relationship of FEAR to lack of personal spiritual
> experience?
> What I've noticed, on this forum and many others,
> is that the people who seem most emotionally involved
> in putting down reports of other people's supposed
> spiritual experiences DON'T seem to have any such
> experiences themselves.

Here's a hint for you, Barry: levitation and moving of the stars are
not SPIRITUAL experiences but circus experiences.

>  And one of the things I've
> noticed about such compulsive throwers-of-turds-at-
> spiritual-experience is that they all seem to be
> terribly AFRAID.  The fear just reeks off of them.
> They're very different in their approaches and their
> particular "method" of turd-throwing, but the one
> common denominator in all of them is the FEAR.
> So what on earth could they be so afraid of, eh?
> It's probably not the experiences themselves. They've
> been paying big bucks to the TM organization for years
> in the hope that it could give them those experiences.
> But they tend to want SAFE experiences, experiences
> that put them through no changes whatsoever, because
> they've been "sanctioned" as SAFE by the TM movement
> or some scientist somewhere. They want to witness
> levitation, and at the same time be given a signed
> affadaivit from someone trustworthy so that they,
> personally, don't EVER have to deal with having had
> an experience that they can't "prove" with a signed
> affadaivit.
> I'm just rappin' here, and don't really know if there
> is a one-to-one relationship between being afraid of
> having an experience you can't "prove" and NEVER
> having any such experiences, but I suspect it exists.
> I suspect that the more afraid you are of dealing with
> your own subjective experiences of higher states of
> consciousness, the less likely it is that you'll ever
> HAVE any such experiences.
> Just a theory. You guys have fun with it...

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