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> > Maybe someone has already mentioned this, but National Geographic
> and IBM are involved
> > in a joint venture to research the movement of humans as they
> began to leave Africa about
> > 150,000 years ago. Apparently, all of us have DNA that goes back
> to the same male or
> > female.  For $107 you can order a kit online from National
> Geographic and 8 weeks after
> > you send in cheek swabs of your DNA, they send you the info about
> your ancestry.  If you
> > are female, they trace your mitochondrial DNA (through your
> mother's line) and if you are
> > male, they trace your father's line.They also use your info in
> their worldwide database. 
> > Your money helps to fund the collection of DNA in poorer and
> indigenous tribes
> > throughout the world.
> >

> What a great idea!

Gattaca - or just tracking down the  Meravingians?
And you get to pay for it, too.  :-)

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