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> > Order at: www.nationalgeographic.com/genographic
> > It is great idea for your thriller. I think someone at National
Geo. also thought about the
> > misuse of this info - in the literature in the kit (and at the
website under FAQ's) there
> are
> > several brief discussions of how the info will be used and how
private it is and what it
> > cannot tell about you.  Each participant is given an id number
that is shipped out with
> the
> > swabs and is on the DNA container you return.  You don't send in
your name except
> when
> > you order the thing.
>   I forgot to add:  to check on your results you use your id number
and go online.  Nothing
> is mailed back to you once you have sent in your DNA.

I've participated in the Genographic project - primarily to support
the research.  The info you receive is very general, but as they
collect more samples from around the world, they'll continue to update
you on your specific DNA marker type with more detailed info on the
migration your ancestors took out of africa.  You also get a very
interesting DVD describing the science - not so much the genetics
analysis part, but the human history part.

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