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> You are very right Judy in that Yes can not be intentional.

Coming from a Buddhist perspective, in which intent
and focus are very *much* a part of the realization
process, I'd have to disagree with you, Tom. 

I think that the issue that some people are reacting
to in my little cafe story is that it pushes their
*religious* buttons, the ones they don't like
to admit they have. They have been convinced, after
decades of indoctrination by the TM movement and
its Hindu underpinnings, that passivity is the *only*
way to go in the quest for enlightenment. Don't ever
work at anything because that would be "straining"
or "effort" or the imposition of will, and thus
an aspect of ego. So the "proper" attitude towards
enlightenment is to just sit around and wait for it
to happen on its own.

And wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait.

And if it *doesn't* happen, after decades of
sitting around and waiting and doing what you're
told, that's somehow "all right" because it isn't
really "you" who has anything to do with your
enlightenment. It's really the universe, or Natural
Law, or God that's made the decision to leave you
lost in the illusion of unenlightenment.

That's an Ok set of things to believe, I guess,
if what you want is to never realize your enlight-
enment.  Me, I prefer the Buddhist approach, in
which one's intent and ability to focus come into
play and in which talents and ability other than
waiting and hoping become part of the realization

I'm not comfortable with the just-be-patient-and-
wait approach to enlightenment, in which one is told
over and over by the *vendor* of that approach to
enlightenment that their UNenlightenment "isn't
their fault."  What a fuckin' lie that is.

It's a lie even if you believe in the model their
system is based on. If you believe that "stress"
is what keeps you from being enlightened, then who
created your stress?  Well duh, you did.  If you
believe it's karma that keeps you from being
enlightened, well who created the karma?  Well
duh, again, you did. Take some responsibility fer
chrssakes...if you're convinced that you are not
enlightened, YOU created that reality (or, as it
turns out, unreality). 

I *know* that saying these things on a TM forum
is going to rile people up, and make some of them
crazy. It's absolute HERESY to a person who has drunk
the TM Kool-Aid and believes that effortlessness is
the *only* model that leads to transcendence and
eventually enlightenment to suggest that there are
*other* models -- models that involve will and
intention -- and that they lead there, too.

The people who have spent their lives -- sometimes
thirty or forty years of their lives -- sitting
and waiting and waiting and waiting for something
else to "do enlightenment" for them are *affronted*
when they hear from someone who is part of a diff-
erent tradition, one that believes that one can,
and should, "do enlightenment" oneself.

They're especially affronted if the offending
person seems to have had a few experiences that
indicate that the intent/focus approach has actually
*worked* for them.  Such stories might make seekers
who are part of the "wait patiently for enlightenment;
it's out of your hands" school of thought think,
"Gee...what if I really *have* been wasting my time
waiting around all these years for enlightenment to
reveal itself to me?" 

Can't have that. So the hard-line passive, wait-
and-see types get a little uppity and they spout the
dogma they've been taught, that the effortless, do-
nothing-and-wait approach to enlightenment they've
been taught is the ONLY way that enlightenment can
possibly happen. And I actually understand why people
do this -- repeating the dogma that there is
nothing you can do but wait gives you something to
*do* while you're sitting around waiting...it relieves
the boredom.  :-)

I'm not going to pursue this whole subject here any
more, though. There is just too much resistance on
this forum to presenting the taking-an-active-role-
in-your-own-realization approach. It's just a waste
of time to talk about it, because the decades of
indoctrination have been too effective. The waiters
have been waiting so long that they can't even
imagine that there is something they could do
other than waiting. And they get angry when someone
*does* suggest such a thing. So I'm going to leave
them to their waiting, and hope that approach works
out for them in the future a little better than it's
worked out for them so far.

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