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> Yes, it looks like the impact to the criminals who employ all of the
> illegal immigrants were barely affected. Too bad.

Yes, Great post. Thank you. Important issue.

You are probably like me and don't just spout empty slogans but put
action behind your beliefs. I find its so hypocritical of whiny slogan
throwers to want to throw in jail all those criminals who employ all
the  illegal immigrants -- and then go and buy and use products made
by the companies of these crimnals. Like me, I am sure you don't do
such a hypocrital thing.

I tried to find a house or apartment that was criminal hiring of
illegal immigrant free. Sadly, I couldn't. So I pitched a tent in the
forest until I found out that the damned manufacturer and retailer of
the tent criminally used illegal aliens in thier businesses. So I
dichted the tent. I started to make a lean-too with a hatchet, cutting
down some smaller trees and shrubs, but damn, again, found out those
criminal retailers who sell the hatchet also criminally hire illegal
aliens. So I am now using my barfe hands. Its hard, but at least Iam
not supporting those business criminals. At least I am free of
hypocracy. Though I am fading a bit just eating blackberries I saved
up from last summer.  And I am sill healing from the mosquito bites
from last summer when I started going naked. And still suffering from
this winter's frostbite. But its worth it, not to be a empty-slogan
spouting hypocrite.

How are you coping with your efforts to be hypoctite-free and not
support any criminal businesses and retailers who hire illegal aliens?

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