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> +++  Hey Alex, wish I could have a little of the boredom as I have a
> serious shortage- haven't had any in the last 50 years.
>      Would you have some time on the weekend to debate on what
> computer equipment to buy as I am needing to upgrade.
>      It looks like you have quite a bit of expierience with the
> subject and would be a great help.  thanks,  N.

For desktop PCs, I always advise against buying from the big PC
manufacturers (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) because they're usually made
with proprietary components that are not likely to be as robust as
brand name components. My current desktop machine, which I bought a
few years ago, is from http://www.endpcnoise.com/ , and it has
performed flawlessly. Quality brand name components (especially the
motherboard) make all the difference.

Since there is no standardized form factor for laptops, they are all
proprietary. Right now I have two laptops. One is an old Dell Latitude
C610 that I bought as a refurb from http://usanotebook.com/ . It's
been fine except for the touchpad going wonky on occasion (a known
issue with this model). The other one is an Averatec 4200 series that
I got from http://newegg.com/ , and it has been a fine little machine
and a lot of computer for not a lot of money. Petra has one too, and
her only complaint is short battery life.

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