shempmcgurk wrote:

>In Arizona we have a state-sponsored plan where if you're self-
>employed (employees: 1 to 50) you can get a health insurance plan --
>HMO or PPO -- with guarantee issue, regardless of health status. 
>There is a 12-month elimination period for pre-existing conditions but
>doesn't matter what they are, they kick in and are covered after the
>elimination period...AND if you're covered for these pre-existing
>conditions under an existing plan you're on and are switching over to
>the state plan, then you're covered.
>All members of your family are covered.
>If you're on a group plan, though, and you want to go on this plan,
>you have to wait 6 months (this was an amendment to the law by the
>private health insurance companies.
>When I first got health insurance back in '96 I paid $80.00 a month. 
>Four years later it went up to $600.00 a month.  I switched over to
>the state-sponsored plan and it costs me only $260.00 a month!

What's the deductible?

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