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> On May 6, 2006, at 7:37 PM, authfriend wrote:
> >  Oh, no sh*t, bowties!
> Yep. He played the part well.
> >
> >  Did you see the photo on his Web site?  He's now a
> >  down-and-dirty blues guy, plays on the street for
> >  money in the D.C. area, sort of a one-man-band kind
> >  of thing.  (Does NOT wear a bowtie!)
> Looks like he's put on some weight, and of course gotten a bit
> older, but I can still see echoes of the old Curtis there.  But
> really, in my wildest dreams I never would have imagined him
> playing on the street.  I would have thought, post-TM, that he
> might have gone to work for some company or something.  Or done
> something else very "upscale." Just goes to show.

I suspect he's a person of extremes: from pro-TM
fanatic to anti-TM fanatic, from buttoned-up bowtied
executive type to grubby street musician...and I'd
imagine he plays the latter role just as well and
enthusiastically as he did the former.

Goodness only knows what he'll do if he gets tired
of playing a bluesman.  Will he ever feel free of
the need to play a role, and play himself for a

> >
> >  He's quite good, though, at least from the clips
> >  from his CD.  Terrific harmonica player.  Has quite
> >  a following, apparently.
> Apparently so.  Good for him.  I've only had the chance to listen
to a
> couple of the tracks, but they are impressive.
> >  I thought his singing lacked, um, well, something,
> >  passion, maybe.  Seemed like he was holding
> >  back.  But not when he played the harp, though.
> Haven't heard that one.
> Sal

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