Maharish Mahesh Yogi,

May 11, 2006. 0.00 BST.

Dear Maharishi,

A year ago, you banned the giving of Guru Dev's
gift to anybody in the British Isles. This was
because Tony Blair was returned to power at the
General Election as a result of 22% of those on
the voting list voting for him. It is reasonable
to suppose that you imagined that this would
have some sort of special impact on the UK.

During this year, Nature has sent misfortunes.
Some are listed below:

1. Pakistan. Earthquake. October. 70,000+ dead.
2. USA. Hurricane Katrina. 1600 estimated dead
3. Phillipines. Mud landslide. Feb 16. 1,500+ die
4. USA. Hurrican Stan. Guatamala. 1513 dead.
5. India. Earthquake. Oct. 1300 dead.
6. Iraq. Bagdad. Aug 31 1000 dead panic stampede
7. India. Maharashtra floods of July. 1000 killed
8. Egypt. Ferry capsizes. Feb 2nd. 1,000+
9. China. Floods. June. 771 died.
10. Nigeria. Measles epidemic. 561 dead.
11. Mecca, Mina. Jan. 360 die in panic
12. Iraq. Jan 4. 200 dead in retaliatory bloodshed
13. Baghdad. Al Zakarwi's return. 150 die in a day
14. India. Gujarat Floods. 123 killed. July  2005
15. USA. Hurricane Rita. 119 die
16. Baghdad. July 17. +100 killed car bomb
17. Iraq. September 29. 95 die in set of bombs
18. Nigeria. Christian/Islamic riots.80 die.Feb 23
19. Iraq. 79 killed. Attack on mosque. April 7.
20. Iraq. Nov 18. 74 dead. Shia East Iraq. Bombs
21. Iraq. Crowded market bomb. 71 killed. May 11.
22. Iraq. Ramadi 70 killed. (by mistake?) Oct 17
23. Mexico City. 66 die in coach crash April 17.
24. Iran. Earthquake. Mar 31. 66+ killed
25. Mexico. mining disaster. 65 killed. Feb 19.
26. Poland. Roof collapse (snow). 62 dead. Jan 28
27. *** France. 14 days of riots. 4,000 cars burnt.
28. *** Central Europe. Floods. Aug 2005
29. Russia. Roof collapse. 57 killed. Feb 23rd
30. Bahrain. Pleasure boat sinks. 57 die. Mar 30.

At No. 27, 28, I have included two events which
are rather strange. I believe that although they
involved little or no loss of life, they should be
still be listed.

The British Isles did suffer a misfortune; on July 7,
suicide bombers blew up three underground trains.
Since the list is based on loss of life, this incident
does not merit inclusion. It would feature somewhere
down in the thirties or, because the list is not
complete, possibly in the forties.

I would ask you one question, Maharishi:
Do you rate your actions on May 11 2005 a success?

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