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> > > Excellent example of why it was so hard to continue posting on
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> > Ah, so it wasn't hard because I was getting my
> > points across.  It was hard because my posts were
> > pissing you off.
> One more point.  I think the real reason it was
> so hard for you to continue posting, and why my
> posts pissed you off, was that I wouldn't let you
> get away with anything.
> You had put together a nice little story for
> yourself as to why you had left the movement, but
> it was all vague generalities. When you were asked
> for specifics, you were unable to come up with
> anything that actually supported the generality.
> The story existed in a vacuum; it wasn't
> connected to reality, and it couldn't stand up
> to challenge.
> You had a tremendous investment in that story,
> and when you saw it being picked apart and shown
> to be without foundation, that was extremely
> threatening to you.  You expended a tremendous
> amount of effort coming up with a huge bunch of
> rationalizations to prop the story up so you
> could continue to believe in it, at the same
> time standing on your head to avoid confronting
> the issue of how well it related to reality.
> I am *not* suggesting you didn't have perfectly
> good reasons to leave the movement, but that,
> for some reason, the real reasons were unpalatable
> and unsatisfying, hence the invented story (Lifton
> and "suggestibility" a la Joe Kellett and so on).


What's the statute of limitations on WHO GIVES A FUCK?

That was 10 years ago, woman!  Give it up.

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